Kitty’s Story

While she wasn’t there long, Kitty’s stay in the shelter was unforgettable. She loved getting to know the other cats and kittens. All the cats were well cared for, but she noticed many of her neighbors were nervous in their new surroundings. Kitty thought there must be some way to help them calm down.

It wasn’t long before Kitty was adopted by a bookstore owner. The curious cat spent her mornings wandering the shelves and poking her nose into new books. In the afternoons, she’d curl up on a sunlit shelf near the front window. She found she enjoyed biographies of Madame Curie, Clara Barton and Amelia Earhart, feeling an odd kinship with these enterprising women. But it wasn’t until she stumbled upon the nutrition books that Kitty became truly fascinated. She spent months pouring over charts comparing the benefits of natural herbs and diagrams explaining the mode of action of probiotics. She was reminded of the anxious cats at the shelter and wondered if a careful combination of these ingredients could help them.
Once she got her paws on the ingredients, she mixed in earnest, tossing in her favorite flavors: salmon, tuna, and chicken. She brought a batch of the chews to her friends at the shelter, and the chews helped them to relax in their temporary home. Kitty thought there might be ways to help other cats with joint aches or upset stomachs, so she continued researching and learning more.

Other cats were curious too; they wanted to understand how natural, nutritious supplements might help them live healthier lives. Kitty began teaching classes, eventually opening a university to spread the word about a health and nutrition for cats. Between classes, Professor Kitty continued tinkering with new formulations, developing a series of supplements. She went on to create healthy treats and shampoos to launch a complete line of pet care products: Smart Kitty USA™